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Wine Cellars

For the wine connoisseur a glass wine cellar can be the perfect addition to your home. A glass wine cellar can be an excellent center piece for conversation. With the proper climate control unopened wine can last for many years.

Why choose a glass wine cellar for your home?

To start off, a glass wine cellar will be an excellent topic of conversation. A glass wine cellar can be viewable throughout your living area. With the proper lighting and climate control, your wine will be good for a long time. Just note the expiration date, and research how long your wine will stay good after that date. Make sure to use the proper lighting as wine is sensitive to UV rays. Wine is also sensitive to temperature so make sure to use some type of temperature and humidity controls for your glass wine cellar. There is also a variety of glass options that can help protect your wine.

What to expect when considering a glass wine cellar installation?

Once you contact us, a member of our team will come to your residence. We will review your household and go over your options. Once a decision has been made, we will take measurements and fabricate the glass needed. We will then schedule the installation.

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